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Natural Environment

While exploring the natural environment of Nikitari, one discovers majestic images created by the green state forest “Adelfoi”, the calm waters of the dam, as well as the splendid colours of the cultivations and the wild vegetation which change every season.

In Nikitari, the uncultivated pieces of land take up approximately 2000 km2 and are mainly covered by wild vegetation such as brushwood, while among them are some grain, potato, fruit and vegetable cultivations, olive trees and almond trees. In the past and more specifically up until the 1960s, the people of Nikitati also cultivated vineyards. As far as olive cultivations are concerned, as the president of the community distinctively mentions, “approximately 3500 roots” are today planted in Nikitari.  

Nikitari is also blessed by the unique beauty of the “Adelfoi” state forest which covers a significant expanse of the village. What is certain is that while strolling around Nikitari, one will have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest while breathing its fresh air.

If one wants to enjoy the natural beauty of Nikitari, then they can either visit the Trail leading from Asinou to Agios Theodoros or the Excursion Site. On the one side, the Trail of Asinou – Agios Theodoros starts from the Church of Panagia Asinou or Forviotissa, it is 6.5 km long and it crosses forest vegetation. On the other side, the Excursion site is located near the Church of Panagia Asinou or Forviotissa and is ideal for day trips since its facilities include wooden benches and tables, drinking water, lavatories, as well as wheelchair facilities. What is worth mentioning is that visitors of this excursion site can only have ready-made food since the lighting of fire for barbecues is prohibited.     

Additionally, one can also admire the beauty of Nikitari while visiting various projects that have been completed in the community, including the three parks and the blooming flower gardens.

Finally, what is noteworthy is that visitors of the village can encounter types of the Cyprus countryside fauna such as hares and partridges

Kyriakos Alexandrou, Community Council President
Department of Forests Website: 

 January 2021


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