Dear friends, fellow villagers and expatriates,
It is with great joy and satisfaction that I welcome you to the website of our Community Council, a website which aims at informing and guiding you on interesting issues regarding our community.
Our goal is to establish a channel of communication via this website, while serving the interests of Nikitari at the same time, being fully aware of our duties arising from you vote so that we can promote our community’s interests and to fully cater to your needs.   
It is our ambition that this website becomes a reliable source of information for all fellow villagers and friends of Nikitari. Through this website you can retrieve information about our village, about developmental plans, the Community Council’s decisions and finally about matters of general interest. At the same time, we hope that this website will become a source of complete, rapid and reliable information and service to those interested in the village or in issues that concern our activities.     
The website is also a means for you to share your viewpoints and suggestions on current affairs or on how the Community Council’s services could be improved. We welcome them assuring you that they will be given our full consideration so that we can implement them to the best possible degree.
We are waiting for your viewpoints and personal visit to Nikitari so that you can stroll around the village and admire its beauties.

Kyriakos Alexandrou
Community Council President